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They Will by Lizzy Hardingham


She opens her eyes to the thoughts that are plaguing her mind

She stretches her arms reaching out to the hope she can’t find

She places her feet firmly trying to lift up her head

But the thought of the day looking quite as it does calls her back to her bed


She curls up and thinks of a time when she held herself high

The tears on her pillow she wonders if they’ll ever dry

But they will


The hours fly by on the clock that she wears on her wrist

Sometimes a second feels more like a day that she’s missed

Time is illusive always seen running away

There’s some quiet solace in the thought that tomorrow might be a better day 


When the light all around her has faded to some far off place

The clouds of deception will they ever show the sun to her face

They will


When the call of the voices she hears in her head drag her down

Will the light of her loved ones be enough to help her not to drown

When will she trust that they’ll help her to pick up her crown

Cus they will

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