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Jesuit Barrels by Lizzy Hardingham


The candle burns through it all

The flame it grows bright and tall, bright and tall

And down below the saviour’s soldier

Crept in light and ever   bolder, so much bolder


Thirty-six Jesuit barrels, it’s too late to turn and run

But thirteen modern men wont be at it again

They’ll blow this whole place to kingdom come


Two young guards sent on the rounds

Weren’t prepared for what they found

They took him down in chains and shackles

There was barely time for another battle


Several men fled on a whisper

But Catesby turned back into the fray

While James had found his plan he hadn’t found his man

So they lived to ride on for another day


They crept through behind the closed door

Through the shadows of the law, oh of the law

And on their heads lay a price,

Each brother bled for their Christ, oh for their Christ


Catesby led the march of the martyrs

Where every man was hanged for his crime

And they paid in blood to have their names in the mud

And their fight will fan the flames for all of time

Oh yes their fight will fan the flames for all of time.

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