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I Could Have Loved You by Lizzy Hardingham


I could have loved you if truth be told

I could have fallen madly in love

I could have melted the icy cold

You suffer so gladly

The fire turns to ember

The sun's turn to spectre

And I cannot save you


I could have loved you if given the chance

We could have been something rare to find

I could have showed you the steps to dance

If you'd have only dared

The clouds turn to lightening

The darkness inviting

And I cannot save you


I could have loved you swimming upstream

I would have waded the shivering foam

I was a salmon chasing a dream

And you took me from the river

The hook turns to baiting

The fisherman’s waiting

And I cannot save you


I cannot wave a wand and lessen the length you hold me away

I cannot salvage the sullen young soul too guarded to enter the fray

I cannot save you, no I cannot save you

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