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Colne River Chorus by Lizzy Hardingham


Every Friday when the week is wearing thin

A group of players take the stage

The Colne River with its tune invites them in

To join the chorus for a page

But the players bow their heads when one of their number is gone

The Colne River dims its lights while the chorus sing this song


He’s taken away

He’s taken away


Every Tuesday in that blue and velvet room

Selected players will return

To dance, make merry to his rock and roll tune

Until it’s someone else’s turn

But the players hush their tones as the family dons black

The Colne River room is silent with what it lacks


He’s taken away

He’s taken away


One voice from the chorus is gone too soon

But the players strike a chord to remember how he played

The Colne River holds him now, so we’ll sing while he’s laid


He’s taken away

He’s taken away

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