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Fisherchild arranged by Lizzy Hardingham


As I walked out one summer’s morn on purpose to meet my bride

Twas there I saw a pretty maid, come rowing down the tide


“Good morning to you young fisherman” she cried “what’s brought you here”

I said “I am fishing for a lady gay right down the river clear”


So he’s boldly walked up to her there and kissed her both cheeks aside

And taken her by her lily white hand and rowed her down the tide


Now she’s down on bended knee crying “pray sir pardon me

For thinking you a fisherman who sails the briny sea”


He’s launched his boat up to the shore crying “mam your pardon is lent”

And in each other’s arms embraced until they gave consent


“Now go you to my father’s hall where married we will there be

And you shall have a fisherchild to row you on the sea”

Yes you shall have a fisherchild to row you on the sea

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