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Memorial For a Glacier by Lizzy Hardingham


One night in winter when Mr Jack frost had departed, broken hearted  

For his love had left his side 

So Mr Jack frost left the town for he saw no reason to stay the season  

Without his loving bride  

There in the glow of the Greenland sun lay his love  

Where once a tall glacier soared high up above  

Now she's a speck in the waters that rise, how she swears 

To drown all the people too blind and busy too care 

Wallowing deeper than even the ocean she flows through, nowhere to go to 

He wanders all alone 

The kings in their throne rooms are laughing and burning their money, they think it’s funny 

Safe inside their homes 

But little they know of the vengeance that grows in the soul 

Of the ice queen reduced to the rivers and oceans that flow 

Soon she will rise like the eagle soars through the air 

To drown all the people too blind and too busy to care 

Jack’s all alone, separate from all he holds dear 

Jack’s all alone, his time on the earth growing shorter every year 

It’s never too late to appeal to the queen and her king 

Now is the time we must stand up to shout and sing 

For when Greenland is melting it’s our job to stop and repair 

We are not people too blind or too busy too care

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