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Alll of these are available to buy on the shop page of this site, or to stream on all good platforms. 


This Help Musicians UK funded album combines 8 deftly crafted songs (recorded at Sheffield's Yellow Arch Studios) and thought-provoking audio clips from interviews with musicians, mental health charities, music therapists and music professionals. Together with accomplished producer Tom Wright, Lizzy has created a compelling conversation between interviews with musicians like Nancy Kerr, Julie Matthews and Blair Dunlop and exquisitely vulnerable music featuring the likes of Lukas Drinkwater and Katriona Gilmore.

FATEA Innovative Project of the Year 2022
Penny Black Music "A career highlight? Without a doubt. ‘How Did We Get Here?’ breaks down barriers and is highly recommended"



This folk and roots inspired Summer anthem follows the true story of the Pendle Hill witch trials of 1612, with driving percussion from Mark Gordon, rip roaring fiddle and mandolin from Matt Kelly and brilliant bass from Lukas Drinkwater!

This was a joy to write, arrange and play and I can't wait to hear what you think of it. 

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire "This track paints a picture with beautiful lyrics, soulful singing and a brilliantly penned fiddle tune to top it all off"


Carousel was a song I wrote during my University time (an anxty post teenage love song if you will). I found myself falling madly in love with an ill advised friend and writing this song cleared it right up. This song was a solace during a time of heart ache and I'm so happy to have this beautiful recording of it nearly 8 years later. Listen out for soulful hammond organ and fiddle on this track. 

Big Ginger Tom Music "A fantastic track from a fantastic singer"



Orpheus is a delectably melancholy new song. A powerful yet tender track that delves into the, frankly, flawed ideologies of this greek myth (what a silly fella that Orpheus was) and the vulnerability that accompanies falling in love. It’s swirling strings and lush vocals make it vulnerable but sweet and it will hopefully give a voice to those who choose to love themselves this year (which we all need to do more of)!  

The Folk Forecast "Lizzy's amazing voice is sure to give you goosebumps.”
FATEA “Lizzy's exceptional voice is given full rein on this track.”

BLUE Lizzy Hardinham-5.png

Blue, featuring the ridiculously talented Lukas Drinkwater on bass and electric guitar, has an upbeat, almost country style to it. It’s a simple little tune to accompany one of the blue-est years most of us have had the misfortune to live through. The single was recorded during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic in the hopes that a few might find solace in music during these trying times. 

Trust The Doc/Neil March "“sends the butterflies into full flight.”

Big Ear Radio “Stunning, rich and mature.”

Lizzy Hardingham Final copy.jpg
dance with me.png

This is a song I've been trying to write for years and during the COVID-19 UK lockdown I finally managed it. Its about a completely rose-tinted memory of sitting in the Blackpool Tower ballroom watching a tea dance unfurl before my eyes. I hope people enjoy it as much as I did writing it!


I had an amazing time putting all of these clips together so a mahoooosive thank you to everyone who helped in making this come to life: Josh and Fe Burnell, Minnie Birch, Zoe Wren, Elizabeth & Jameson, Lady Hamilton's Concert Party, Emily Futcher, Edi Gosney, Alison Raymond, the Ahsams, the O'Haras, the McClennons and the Treacys!

Seven features 7 tracks, one for each of the major sea. With a mixture of traditional, accapella and self-penned songs it stands as an exciting collection of songs for our seas. The sea holds a permanent residence in my heart as my family hail from Merseyside and were supporters of the RNLI. As I began to wade my way through the reams of tradition material out there, I realised that the shanties and sea songs particularly resonated with me. These songs hold immense mystery but also are entirely relatable for so many. The record also raises 

money to support the continued, excellent work of the RNLI, with half of the proceeds going towards the charity. "Like the call of the sea, Seven is irresistible."

Celtic Music Radio “A dazzling combination of voice and songwriting talent that rarely appears” 

Northern Sky “It’s the beautiful “Memorial for a Glacier”, a gorgeously delivered self-penned song with Jack Frost at its heart.”


This was a project that I began recording for my cousins daughter when she was born as lovely way to spread some love and spread some music to some little ears. However during the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak I wondered whether there might be lots of parents and carers who suddenly found themselves at home with children but not the resources to help them learn and develop. 

I decided to release these songs with a view to creating a second volume somewhere down the line. Some of these songs are ones that I listened to as a wee-un, some are traditional songs that have been sung as lullabies for hundreds of years and some are just great songs (even as an adult). I hope you can share them with the little people in your life. 

Front Cover.png

Dusk was my debut album, featuring ten tracks tied to my favourite time of day: dusk. These tracks were some of the first that I performed professionally and so hold a special place in my heart. The record was released in June 2019 and has since had radio play and broadcast success across the UK and across the pond.

Fatea Magazine “Hardingham firmly nails her place as one of the rising stars of the folk scene. Dusk is a top drawer album of beautifully delivered folk… that packs a punch.”

BBC Radio Merseyside "Never off my turntable… one of the best tracks of 2019 (Harvester of Gold)”

Maverick Magazine “A voice you could listen to on loop. This album is full of songs that sing straight to the heart”


Long Story Short was my first ever recording, put out at the very beginning of my career. This EP was a small collections of songs that meant a lot to me, a lot of which still appear in sets to this day! This collection of self-penned and traditional songs tell the tale of my early performances.

Unicorn Folk Magazine “An accomplished guitar player…destined for great things.”

Kimpton Folk ""A rising star on the folk scene not to be missed.”

Royston Folk Club “A powerful voice to watch out for.” 

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