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Blind Beggar’s Daughter arranged by Lizzy Hardingham


There was young beggar and he lost his sight

He had but one daughter, most beautiful bright

“Can I seek my fortune, dear father” said she

And favour was granted to pretty Betsy


She’s set off for London as I’ve heard her say

Arrived in the Bloomfield the very same day

And when she came upon there unto my Lord’s house

So handsomely admired was pretty Betsy


Oh, she had not been long there but one knew her name

He was a young Lord, a-courting her came

“Your pockets I will be lined with jewels” said he

“If you will but love me, my pretty Betsy”


“Im all for to do it, I am willing” said she

“You must first ask the father of pretty Betsy

My father is every day to be seen

He’s called the blind beggar of Bethlem Green”


“If you’re a blind beggar’s daughter you won’t do for me

A blind beggar’s daughter my lady can’t be

A blind beggar’s daughter my lady shan’t be”

So scornfully turned from his pretty Betsy


Then up spoke a young squire with riches enough

If she’s a blind beggar’s daughter, she’ll never the worse

The he’s dropped all his guineas right there on the ground

Dropped til he’s dropped ten thousand pounds


Dear honoured father I’ve dropped all my store

Dropped all my riches, I can’t drop no more

Just grant me your daughter, she’s all that I need

And I will be married to pretty Betsy


Billy and Betsy to church they did go

Billy and Betsy they cut a fine show

Most beautiful creature that e’er I’ve seen

Was the blind beggar’s daughter of Bethlem Green

She was the blind beggar’s daughter of Bethlem Green

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