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Magpies by Lizzy Hardingham


We weave a song like a magpie gilds gold, we steal the words of the bold

We tell a tale like a magpie builds a nest, we take the pieces from the rest

Shining in the sun is a chance for something new

So I’ll reach out my hand take it from you


Dazzling rhythms and sparkling tunes, tempting us in to certain doom

Where words are the treasures sparkling out of site, and painting a picture in the night

Glistening in the light is a word so pure and true

So I’ll reach out my hand and take it from you


Taking all the best from everyone you find, paving the way the best you can

Leaving fumbled footprints from crafting something new out of the old you have to hand


Grasping at stories with claws so thick and strong, praying and hoping for a song

Piecing together an old forgotten phrase with melodies so sweet you could almost say

They burn so bright they leave us in a rosy hue

So I'll reach out my hand and take them from you

We’ll reach out our hands and take them from you

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